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The CFMOTO mission is to make the world a more inviting, accessible and fun place to explore - values not only echoed in its playful high-tech, exceptional value motorcycles, but reinforced by the enticing UK retail price reductions announced by CFMOTO Motorcycles.

Riders looking for forward thinking, accessible motorcycles can now access the CFMOTO model range for even less; whether crossing continents, blowing away the cobwebs on a weekend ride or embarking on the daily commute, the extensive CFMOTO range offers a motorcycle for everyone - now offering even more exceptional value across the 300, 650, 700 and 800 engine platforms. 

CFMOTO Finance options also ensure that every machine in the range is made as affordable as possible – without ever compromising on excitement. With 3.9% Purchase Plan and 4.9% Personal Contract Purchase finance deals available at participating CFMOTO Motorcycle dealerships, now is the perfect time to let the head and heart align to ensure you Experience More Together.

Model New retail price Reduction from old SRP
300NK £3,499 - £500
300CL-X £3,599 - £600
650NK £4,499 - £1000
650GT £4,999 - £1000
650MT £4,999 - £1000
700CL-X Heritage £5,999 - £500
700CL-X Sport  £6,399 - £600
700CL-X Adventure £6,299 - £550
800MT Sport £8,599 - £400
800MT Touring £9,199 - £800

Starting off at the small capacity end of the range with the 292 cc 300NK and 300CL-X – although with up to a £600 reduction the savings are anything but small. These superb single-cylinder machines are the perfect combination of light weight, agile handling and dependable power. Practical and playful riding is delivered in equal measure in the sporty naked guise of the naked NK model, while the CL-X offers riders a neo-classic style - a hybrid of classic motorcycle design with forward thinking technology.

The mid-range price reductions - £1,000 saving on each bike - offer further accessibility to the 650NK650GT and 650MT. For riders looking to take the next step in their motorcycle journey, this versatile engine platform brings more power, more speed and more options. From the sports-inspired naked weekend warrior, otherwise known as the 650NK, to the sports and adventure touring mile-munchers, the 650GT and 650MT, the 649 CC liquid-cooled, these fuel-injected parallel twin machines allow riders to venture further afield with ease.

Neo-classic is a term promptly grasped once eyes are laid on the 700CL-X range, which offers savings of up to £600. Made up of three models; the 700CL-X Heritage, 700CL-X Sport and 700CL-X Adventure, the CL-X classic range is the perfect choice for riders wanting to express personality through their motorcycle. Combining classic motorcycle inspiration with modern technology and futuristic design, each motorcycle in the 700CL-X range lends itself to a particular riding style and fuels rider's individuality - whether its off-road trails on the Adventure, weekend café rides with the Sport or leisurely blasts on the Heritage.

Those who want to go further can now do so for less, thanks to an up to £800 saving. The 800MT Sport and 800MT Touring offer riders the ultimate adventure-touring tool. A comfortable upright riding position, powerful 799 cc engine, wind protection, luggage options and technology akin to the latest smartphones make the 800MT platform the one and only choice for long-distance riding. While the 800MT Sport satisfies riders looking for a more sports focused adventure through it's aluminium wheels, the gold spoked wheels of the 800MT Touring give greater feedback when hitting the trails, however both machines give riders the essential adventure-travel tools required to do the distance such as a 7" TFT display, cruise control and adjustable front suspension. 

Price reductions active with immediate effect. All models are available from participating Authorised UK CFMOTO Motorcycles dealer.

For more information about the CFMOTO Motorcycles range, click here.

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